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Packing for long or short term storage

Updated: May 23, 2019

Packing a storage unit can become either a game of tetris on level 10 or a serious art form. And the quality of the packing is seriously dependent on how long you're planning to store your gear for. If it's just while you're arranging a new house or alternative accommodation, you'll want to pack differently to if you're going on a trip around the world for a year.

Short term

As it's very unlikely you'll be in and out of your unit your main goal will be to fit as much stuff as possible in your unit. If something special is blocked in the back corner it's not an issue. By the time you want to get your hands on it, you should be moving out of your storage unit and in to your new place!

Longer term

A little more strategy is required if you're planning to store a lot of stuff for a long time. As there may be things that you'll need during your storage time you'll want it packed in a way that you can access things reasonably easily.

In both cases there are things you can do to ensure these storage goals are achieved. The below articles focus on specific furniture and their best storage method.

Keep reading and if you have any queries don't be shy to get in touch through our contact form!

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